From Child Labourer to Entrepreneur

Partner: Terre des Hommes
Country: Bangladesh
Start date: 01/01/2016
Project type: Vocational Training
Project reach: 4,370 direct beneficiaries

Since 2016, the GSRD Foundation and Terre des Hommes collaborate in a project to empower children from the poorest families who are engaged in hazardous child labour, forced work or child domestic work. The goal of the project is to protect vulnerable children in Dhaka from exploitation of this kind and to take them out of situations where they face the most hazardous work, or are forced to work or are exploited as domestic child labour. 

The project aims to affect the lives of 4,370 children, young people, and their families, with the provision of direct assistance via community engagement and capacity building; there is a major role here for market demand based vocational training and job placement. The collaboration also hopes have a positive influence in the lives of 100,000 children and their families, and policymakers within companies and governments, by offering indirect assistance in the form of advocacy and knowledge management services.

Terre des Hommes Netherlands (member of Terres des Hommes International Federation) works towards a world where all children have a decent life and can grow up to be independent adults. A world in which children are no longer exploited. The organization will continue their work until this is accomplished. Read more about Terres des Hommes Netherlands.