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Cooperative Infrastructure for the Provision of Safe Foods in Hanoi

The Asia Foundation

The Asia Foundation and the GSRD Foundation support the expansion of economic opportunities for low-income farmers and their households in newly urban and peri-urban areas of Hanoi in Vietnam. The . . .

Empowering small scale farmers, women and youth through sustainable SME development

Oxfam Novib

The GSRD Foundation works with Oxfam Novib to support the empowerment of small scale farmers, women and young people through sustainable Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) development in . . .

Improving Income Conditions for Cotton Farmers


Together with Solidaridad, the GSRD foundation aims to improve the income options and conditions for small farmers in the Bolangir District of Orissa, India via the Pro Cotton program. The objective . . .

Empowerment of Dalit Young people by Skill Building and Perspective Development

Dalit Foundation

By working in cooperation with the Dalit Foundation, the GSRD Foundation supports the empowerment of Dalit young people by building skills and widening the perspectives of young people in . . .

Increasing Employability amongst High School Students


In rural and urban India, 62% of students drop out of school at the age of 15 or 16, prior to completion of their 10th year of education. These students lack the basic education and life skills . . .

Structural Support for Performing Arts School

Kattaikkuttu Sangam

The GSRD Foundation provides structural support to Kattaikkuttu Sangam, a residential school for underprivileged rural children and youth, to help train students in performing arts, in general, and . . .

Vocational Training for Underprivileged Youth in Andra Pradesh

ADM Capital Foundation

Through the ADM Capital Foundation and their local partner ASSIST, the GSRD Foundation supports the vocational trainings of 950 troubled and depressed youths aged 14 to 18 in Andhra Pradesh, India. . . .

Vocational and Skills Training to Stimulate Youth Employment

Plan Nederland

Together with Plan Nederland, the GSRD foundation has set up an initiative to stimulate youth employment by providing vocational and life skills training for underprivileged girls and boys in . . .

Promoting the Growth of Organic Cotton


Together with Solidaridad and the Indian farmers’ cooperative Chetna, the GSRD Foundation supports the growth of organic cotton in Orissa, India. By supporting the growth of organic cotton we . . .

Stimulate reform of the vocational education landscape in China

Suzhou Industrial Park Institute

By working with Suzhou Industrial Park Institute of Vocational Technology, the GSRD Foundation supports and encourages reform in the Chinese vocational education landscape. The objective of the . . .

Holistic Care and Vocational Training

Sawed Trust

Together with Sawed Trust, the GSRD Foundation empowers underprivileged rural youth through vocational training in the drought-affected Dindigul District in Tamil Nadu, India. Vocational training . . .

Empowering Migrant Women as Entrepreneurs in China

The Asia Foundation

The Asia Foundation and the GSRD Foundation cooperate to support the empowerment of Chinese migrant women as entrepreneurs in China. This program aims to improve the livelihoods and socio-economic . . .

Giving Grants to Grass Root Organizations

Global Greengrants Fund

Together with the Global Greengrants Fund, the GSRD Foundation has created a grant-making program active throughout China. The project was created with an emphasis on helping grassroots . . .

Vocational Training in Maer Achol


n cooperation with the Association PARTENAIRES, the GSRD Foundation supports vocational training in the Maer Achol shelter in Dhaka Bangladesh. The objective of the program is to enable children to . . .

Expanding Economic Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs

The Asia Foundation

The Asia Foundation and the GSRD Foundation support the expansion of economic opportunities for women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. The program enhances knowledge skills and participants learn about . . .

Youth Capacity Building through Vocational Education

Terre des Hommes

Chittagong is one of the fastest growing cities in the world with 6,5 million inhabitants and the busiest port in the country. Poverty, unemployment and natural disasters mean that many families live . . .

Technical Vocational Training Center for Vulnerable Young People

Terre des Hommes

In 2011, Terre des Hommes set up a technical vocational training center in Tangail, Bangladesh in cooperation with local partner Society for Social Service (SSS) to educate vulnerable young people. . . .

Skills development and employment for disadvantaged young people in Vietnam

Plan Nederland

In cooperation with Plan Nederland and their local partner REACH, the GSRD Foundation supports skill development and employment for disadvantaged young people in Vietnam. The program provides life . . .

Broadening the Reach of Rural Journalism through Education

Prince Claus Fund

The Bangladesh media industry is dominated by urban news. Local newspapers and TV are published from urban areas and do not focus on rural people's problems. However, 80% of the Bangladeshi . . .

Call for proposals: The Future is handmade: Re-designing crafts in Bangladesh

Prince Claus Fund

The Prince Claus Fund and the GSRD Foundation collaborated on an open call for proposals in Bangladesh around the theme: The Future is Handmade: Re-designing crafts. This call was open to . . .

Teaching Bangladesh Char Women Professional Skills


Together with the Friendship Foundation, the GSRD Foundation provides Char (nomadic island) women in northern Bangladesh with literacy and vocational training to increase their employment . . .

Educating Disadvantaged Youth

Terre des Hommes

Terre des Hommes has established a vocational training centre in Mirpur in Bangladesh. With the support of the GSRD Foundation and facilitation by their local partner SEEP, they plan to teach . . .

Promoting High School Science Education

Bangladesh Freedom Foundation

Together with the Bangladesh Freedom Foundation, the GSRD Foundation is working towards to popularizing science among secondary school students in Bangladesh. The project was created by the . . .

Strengthening Financial Education

Shanghai Better Education Development Center

In China there is huge demand for financial education, but there remains a significant shortage of supply in terms of quality materials and education by schools, community centres and families. Since . . .

Financial Education for Adolescents

Shanghai Better Education Development Center

The Aflateen program is designed as a journey for young people to reflect on their lives, learn to explore issues and problems in society, and acquire life skills that help them become engaged . . .

Education Empowerment for Chinese Children

Shanghai Better Education Development Center

The Shanghai Better Education Development Center gives children the social and financial tools necessary to become an entrepreneur. The Aflatoun Program helps children develop savings, social . . .

Better Career Opportunities for Vocational Training Students

Suzhou Industrial Park Institute

In China employment-oriented vocational training institutions face the problem that their graduates lack potential for sustainable development in their careers. According to employers, graduates now . . .

Enabling vocational education

China Youth Development Foundation

In conjunction with the China Youth Development Foundation, the GSRD Foundation supports schools in poor rural communities to enable students to finish a vocational education program. After initially . . .

Providing Entrepreneurship Training to Students

Bright China Foundation

Together with the Bright China Foundation, the GSRD Foundation provides an entrepreneurship program open to university students, vocational students and/or powerless groups in China. The program . . .

The GSRD Project Hope Class

China Youth Development Foundation

Together with The China Youth Development Foundation, the GSRD Foundation helped students from poor rural communities finish a vocational education program. Students enrolled in the ‘GSRD . . .

Teaching a Profession to Underprivileged Girls

Terre des Hommes

Together with Terre des Hommes, the GSRD Foundation will provide vocational training to disadvantaged girls in India, with the larger aim of reducing their social vulnerability. The project focuses . . .

Training Farmer’s in Better Cotton Production


The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) aims to transform cotton production worldwide by developing Better Cotton as a sustainable mainstream commodity. The focus is on reducing the environmental, social . . .

Giving Youth Higher Skills

Hermon Living Water Ministries

In conjunction with the GSRD Foundation, the Hermon Living Water Ministries has established a vocational junior college in India to prepare underprivileged youth for roles in information technology . . .

Providing Energy Efficiency in the Textile Industry


Together with TIDE, the GSRD Foundation promoted energy efficiency in the textile industry located in Tamil Nadu, India using a small-scale pilot project. The project created an infrastructure . . .

Improving Opportunities for Flood Victims

Pro Victimis

In response to the 2005 flood in Trichy, India, the Society for Education Village Action and Improvement (SEVAI) implemented an educational program for flood victims. Together with Pro Victimis, the . . .

Vocational Training for Girls

Vadain Sampark

Jointly with Vadain Sampark, the GSRD Foundation offered vocational training to poor children in the slums of Delhi and the rural area of Utta Pradesh. In Utta Pradesh, a new school was built that . . .

Improving the Quality of Indian Education

Mahindra United World College

Together with Mahindra United World College, the GSRD Foundation tried to break the cycle of poverty in India by providing educational and emotional support to village children via the Akshara . . .

Soft-skills Training for Entrepreneurs

Better Future

Together with Better Future, the GSRD Foundation set up a soft-skill training program for entrepreneurs in India named Kadam Pe Kadam. Using this training program, entrepreneurs can improve their . . .

Promoting the Switch from Conventional to Organic Cotton

Rabobank Foundation

Together with the Rabobank Foundation, the GSRD Foundation encouraged small and marginal cotton farmers to make the switch to Organic and Fair Trade certified cotton production and collective . . .

Vocational Training and Microloans to Promote Entrepreneurship

Terre des Hommes

Together with Terre des Hommes, the GSRD Foundation offered vocational training and microcredits to stimulate entrepreneurship in the district of Andra Pradesh, India. The goal of the project was . . .

Training in Greenhouse Horticulture


Together with TIDE, the GSRD Foundation encouraged women in rural areas of the Karnataka state in India to set up a greenhouse business. This project generated food and an income for participants who . . .

Reviving Traditional Textiles and Crafts Businesses

The Nabha Foundation

Together with the Nabha Foundation, the GSRD Foundation provided vocational training to women and enabled them to earn a sustainable and steady income through the production of traditional . . .

Learning to become a tour guide in Peru

Mama Alice

Mama Alice and the GSRD Foundation are working together to support vocational training programs which enable disadvantaged young people in Ayacucho Peru to become tour guides. English-speaking . . .

Vocational Training in Metalworking

Mama Alice

Together with Mama Alice, the GSRD Foundation is providing vocational training in metalworking to youths in Ayacucho, Peru. The project educates school dropouts and young people who are behind in . . .

Promotion of Youth Entrepreneurship

Colectivo Integral de Desarrollo

Together with Colectivo Intergral de Desarrollo, the GSRD Foundation aims to promote entrepreneurship and business activities among young men and women in the city of Cuzco, Peru. The project . . .

Promoting Entrepreneurship Among Rural Youth


Together with Tadepa, the GSRD Foundation empowers young rural producers in the Andes of Peru to develop and strengthen profitable farming. The project aims to generate beneficial agro-ecological . . .

Entrepreneurship Skills for Young People


Together with Edukans, the GSRD Foundation provides entrepreneurship skills to 3000 poor young people in Peru. The specific goal of this project is to strengthen the entrepreneurial capacity of . . .

Preparing Youth for the Labour Market


Together with the Edaprospo program of Edukans, the GSRD Foundation prepares youth for the labor market using vocational and skills training. The Edukans project reaches out to high school youth . . .

Education for Peruvian Street Children


With the help of the GSRD Foundation, Edukans provides primary education, skills training, and vocational training to the 300 ‘working’ children of the Manthoc school in Cajamarca and 20 regular . . .

Giving Young Adults a New Future in the Grape Sector


Together with SNV, the GSRD Foundation is providing vocational education to create jobs for youth in the grape industry of Peru. The project's vocational education program is focused on educating . . .

Vocational training for tsunami victims

Lideke Wery Foundation

The Lideke Wery Foundation was founded as an educational institute after the tsunami of 2004 to support flood victims with vocational training. The Lideke Wery Educational Institute was started . . .

Empowering Children: Vocational skills from secondary to vocational schools

Save the Children

Save the Children and the GSRD Foundation work hand in hand to support the empowerment of young people by helping them to develop the knowledge and skills they need to improve their life prospects . . .

Income generating opportunities for patients

Partners in Health

Together with Partners In Health and its sister organization Socios En Salud, the GSRD Foundation helped create the Income Generation Program in Peru. The program is organized to give hundreds of . . .

Vocational training for rural girls to become an entrepreneur

Centre for Mass Education in Science

Together with the Centre for Mass Education in Science we promote vocational training for rural girls in Bangladesh with the aim to empower them with entrepreneurial skills. Technical skills . . .

Providing Vocational Training to Orphans

Stiching Weeshuis Sri Lanka

The founder of the orphanage, named Somawathi, wanted to create a loving environment for children to grow up and develop themselves in. The children are equipped with the most basic necessities in . . .

Helping Support Street Children

Partnership Foundation

Since 2009, the GSRD Foundation has supported Rainbow Homes in providing integral help to street children in India by offering them shelter, food, clothing, education, medical care and guidance. The . . .

Vocational training and job placement for young people in Thanh Hao in Vietnam

Terre des Hommes

Terre des Hommes and the GSRD Foundation work together to support vocational training and job placement for young people in Thanh Hoa province in Vietnam. The objective of the program is to organise . . .

Economic Citizenship Education

Shanghai Better Education Development Center

Since 2009, the GSRD Foundation has supported the Shanghai Better Education Development Center (Be Better), helping it to fulfil its ambition to become the most nationally and internationally . . .

From Child Labourer to Entrepreneur

Terre des Hommes

Since 2016, the GSRD Foundation and Terre des Hommes collaborate in a project to empower children from the poorest families who are engaged in hazardous child labour, forced work or child domestic . . .