Projects Overview Bangladesh

Vocational Skills Building and Employment Opportunities for Marginal Youth


With the support of the GSRD Foundation, VSO set up a pilot project in 2016, providing young people with the vocational education necessary for them to build their capacity for self-employment. In . . .

Scholarship program for rural youth

Grameen Bank

The Grameen GSRD Foundation Shikka Scholarship Program offers school education to poor rural boys and girls in Bangladesh. The Grameen GSRD Foundation Scholarship Program provides financial support . . .

Structural support to Friendship Bangladesh


Friendship aims to sustain and replicate an integrated development model that is geared to empower communities in Bangladesh. GSRD Foundation’s support to Friendship dates back to 2011. Since 2015 . . .

GSRD University Scholarship

Grameen Shikkha

Working with Grameen Shikkha, the GSRD Foundation provides University Scholarships in Bangladesh. The objective of the program is to offer students a scholarship for higher education. Young people . . .