Projects Overview India

Increasing employability and employment options in Nizamuddin Basti

Aga Khan Foundation

Since 2013 the GSRD Foundation has been working together with the Aga Khan Foundation to support increasing employability and employment options, through a vocational training programme in Nizamuddin . . .


Lend-A-Hand India

The GSRD Foundation supports the project since 2013. The current project is in direct partnership with Lend-A-Hand India and started in 2017. The main objective of project Swadheen, is to erase . . .

Setting up a Vocational Training & Entrepreneurship Institute

Sawed Trust

The GSRD Foundation has been supporting Sawed Trust since 2011 by helping it to set up training centres where adolescent girls and women from socially excluded, underprivileged and minority . . .

Incubation support to social entrepreneurs

UnLtd India

UnLtd India and the GSRD Foundation cooperate to provide ‘Incubation support’ to social entrepreneurs. The objective of the program is to support the development of these entrepreneurs as . . .

Sheltering and Training Orphans

Stichting 12Help

Together with 12Help, the GSRD Foundation supports orphans between the ages of 15 and 18 in Bangalore, India by providing structural help. This is the second orphanage built by 12Help. After the . . .

Vocational Training for Underprivileged Youth in Piduguralla


Together with ASSIST, the GSRD Foundation has been supporting vocational training in Piduguralla since 2013. In 2017, we started a new project to train another 250 underprivileged youths aged 14 to . . .

Education and shelter for street children in Rainbow Homes


We provide integral help to street girls in India together with Net4kids and the Partnership Foundation by offering them education and shelter, with the aim to integrate them back into society. . . .

Support for the Rainbow Homes Project

Partnership Foundation

Since 2009, the GSRD Foundation has been supporting Rainbow Homes, a programme that helps to improve the living conditions of Indian street girls and to secure a brighter future for them. By the end . . .

Literacy and Vocational Training for Women in Self-Help Groups

Hand in Hand India

Each year, Hand in Hand, together with the GSRD Foundation, provides vocational, literacy and numeracy training to thousands of women living in India. The objective of the partnership is to promote . . .