Retraining courses in Bangladesh

Partner: Grameen Shikkha
Country: Bangladesh
Start date: 01/01/2021
Project type: Vocational training
Project reach: 1000

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to close down operations resulting in their former employees seeking for jobs. Many are forced to shift to a different occupation and those with poor educational background and no technical skills are especially vulnerable in this situation. In a country like Bangladesh where the service sector employs a significant portion of the underprivileged population, skills training can be tremendously helpful.

Our partner Grameen Shikkha quickly arranged to train 1,000 unemployed young men and women a new occupation. During a 2-month crash course, they will obtain skills such as electrical house wiring, industrial sewing, and garment machine repairing or computer skills.

The aim of the project is to provide short-term vocational training to poor unemployed young men and women who have lost job or cannot find job because of the Covid-19 crisis in Bangladesh.

Grameen Shikka
Grameen Shikka is part of the Grameen organizations created by Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus. Their mission is to provide financial support to poor students, promote mass education, organize facilities for education and training, promote technologies, conduct research and undertake experimentation in the field of education. Read more about Grameen Shikka.