Rolling commitment to the work of Grameen Shikkha

Partner: Grameen Shikkha
Country: Bangladesh
Start date: 01/01/2022
Project type: Ongoing
Project reach: 5979

The GSRD Foundation and Grameen Shikkha have been working together for a long time to help the underprivileged people especially poor students of Bangladesh through a scholarship program. The collaboration started in 2009 when the GSRD Foundation set up a scholarship program. Many of the GSRD scholars later moved to college and university and, upon request from Grameen Shikkha, the GSRD Foundation started another scholarship program in 2015 called the ‘GSRD Higher Education Scholarship’ to provide a higher amount scholarship per month to these students.

In the year 2020, when COVID-19 hit Bangladesh exacerbating the already unemployment-stricken economy of the country, the GSRD Foundation came forward with a special COVID fund to finance a 12 month project of Grameen Shikkha called the ‘Vocational Training for the Unemployed Youth.’ It provided vocational training to more than 1,000 unemployed young men and women in different trades like electrical, industrial sewing, dressmaking and tailoring, garment machine mechanics and computer applications at Grameen Shikkha vocational training center.

In 2021 the GSRD Foundation and  Grameen Shikkha entered a structural partnership in which the GSRD Foundation gave a rolling commitment to Grameen Shikkha. Meaning that Grameen Shikkha will always knows three years ahead of GSRD’s contribution to their work. The grant is used for the development of human resources, through education and training, for development of the country in general and for improvement of the socio-economic conditions of the poor in particular.

For the coming years starting from early 2022, the GSRD Foundation, through Grameen Shikkha, has been investing in special higher medical scholarships, vocational skills training, pre-school for young rural children and a secondary school support program to develop the human resources of Bangladesh.

Grameen Shikka
Grameen Shikka is part of the Grameen organizations created by Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus. Their mission is to provide financial support to poor students, promote mass education, organize facilities for education and training, promote technologies, conduct research and undertake experimentation in the field of education. Read more about Grameen Shikka.