Skills development for the Youth of Savar Upazilla

Partner: Terre des Hommes
Country: Bangladesh
Start date: 01/07/2020
Project type: Vocational & Life skills
Project reach: 3260

Our partner Terre des Hommes will train 1200 vulnerable young people of Savar Upazilla in Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET). Through this training they will obtain technical and life skills needed to get a job. By providing this training and by facilitating access to the job market, the project aims to improve livelihood opportunities of vulnerable youngsters.

Additionally this project also seeks  to improve the quality of 10 technical training centres in the area based on the Bangladesh Technical Education Board standard. It will do so by informing families and communities about the importance of training, thus encouraging them to support youngsters in enrolling and completing the training. Also, employers have been invited into the project and will be ready to recruit the trained youngsters.

The entire project will be conducted in close collaboration with the government. The government and NGOs will adopt the best practice of the TVET programme and replicate the model across the country.

Terre des Hommes started as a relief organization for children. Later their focus shifted to combating child exploitation. Terre des Hommes supports projects worldwide in the fields of education, health care and independence. Read more about Terre des Hommes.