Structural support to Friendship Bangladesh

Partner: Friendship
Country: Bangladesh
Start date: 01/07/2015
Project type: Sustainability
Project reach: 2,160,000 direct beneficiaries

Friendship aims to sustain and replicate an integrated development model that is geared to empower communities in Bangladesh. GSRD Foundation’s support to Friendship dates back to 2011. Since 2015, the GSRD Foundation provides structural support for the work of Friendship.

Holistic development, systematic needs-based interventions, effected over an extended period in a community, help to ensure the long-term sustainability of these communities. Friendship believes that a single element of support might solve a temporary problem created by a breakdown in a system, but does not provide a long-term sustainable solution for a community. An integrated approach will provide a long-term sustainable solution for a community.

To reach this long-term solution, Friendship works in the six areas all communities need to work well if they are to grow holistically and sustainably. They focus on Health and nutrition; Relief and rehabilitation – including sanitation and water; Education: academic, ethical and environmental; Sustainable Economic development to ensure that economic growth is sustainable – primarily through agriculture and fishing and cottage crafts; Governance and awareness of rights and access to available interventions and lastly, Cultural preservation.

Friendship is a value-based organization founded in Bangladesh in 2002 that works together with vulnerable people in remote communities in Bangladesh to help them transform their lives. They run primary and secondary healthcare programs as well as education, income generation, relief and rehabilitation programs, and most recently, an innovative risk sharing loans that includes insurance and savings schemes and governance projects for empowerment. Friendship deeply believes that “the poor cannot afford poor solutions” and thus bases the organisation on the values of integrity, dignity, empathy, quality and hope. Read more about Friendship.