Vocational training for rural girls to become an entrepreneur

Partner: Centre for Mass Education in Science
Country: Bangladesh
Start date: 17/12/2011
Project type: Education & Entrepreneurship
Project reach: 360 direct beneficiaries

Together with the Centre for Mass Education in Science we promote vocational training for rural girls in Bangladesh with the aim to empower them with entrepreneurial skills.

Technical skills training and vocational training will be given to 360 adolescent girls to offer them the possibility to become self-employed. The girls are trained to become a tailor, nurse or para veterinary. After one year of training the participants will be self-employed (if necessary with a micro-credit) or found a job.

Centre for Mass Education in Science (CMES) is a Bangladeshi NGO established in 1978. Its goal is to bring science and technology to the disadvantaged youth of rural Bangladesh to improve their life and livelihood. CMES focuses on effective education and technical education for the target group as well as their empowerment. You can read more about CMES here.