Vocational Training in Maer Achol

Partner: Association PARTENAIRES
Country: Bangladesh
Start date: 01/07/2015
Project type: Vocational training
Project reach: 108 direct beneficiaries

n cooperation with the Association PARTENAIRES, the GSRD Foundation supports vocational training in the Maer Achol shelter in Dhaka Bangladesh.
The objective of the program is to enable children to learn how to work conscientiously in a professional manner. The program provides vocational training in the fields of tailoring and cooking.
The hand-made items which are made in the tailoring classes are sold in Bangladesh or in France at Solidarity Fairs. This enables the children to have some pocket money. The products made during the cooking class are sent to the local supermarkets and restaurants which have a contract with Maer Achol. This provides the students with some of the resources they need to start their adult lives.

Association PARTENAIRES was founded in 1991 and is active in the poorest regions of the world. Whilst maintaining the highest level of respect for the cultures and environments it works in. Association PARTENAIRES supports underprivileged communities until they are autonomous.
The mission of Association PARTENAIRES is to work with the most impoverished populations, respectful of their culture, local traditions and environments until they become self-sufficient. The organisation focusses on health education and vocational training. Association PARTENAIRES aims at local and sustainable development, meeting the real needs of the populations. Read more about Association PARTENAIRES.