Enabling vocational education

Partner: China Youth Development Foundation
Country: China
Start date: 01/11/2012
Project type: Vocational training
Project reach: 800 direct beneficiaries

In conjunction with the China Youth Development Foundation, the GSRD Foundation supports schools in poor rural communities to enable students to finish a vocational education program. After initially supporting a number of students, the GSRD Foundation now supports BN Vocational Schools (BNVS) with regular school operations, teacher training and teaching supervisions.

BNVS are China’s first tuition-free vocational schools at the senior secondary level that teach underprivileged youth. All BNVS operational expenses are funded by donations.

With courses based on market demand, the schools aim to nurture capable workers with both technical and life skills. All graduates obtain a secondary vocational education diploma after passing relevant vocational qualification examinations and internship assessments.

Since 2009, BNVS has begun promoting and replicating its model in other parts of China, outside of Beijing. As of today, BNVS has helped over 3,300 underprivileged youth receive all-free vocational education and attain stable employment.

The China Youth Development Foundation is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization founded in 1989 in Beijing. It is committed to helping young people build capacity and to improving the environment for the development of youth by providing aid services, by giving a voice to the interests of young people and by carrying out social advocacy. Read more about the China Youth Development Foundation.