Giving Grants to Grass Root Organizations

Partner: Global Greengrants Fund
Country: China
Start date: 02/11/2011
Project type: Entrepreneurship
Project reach: -

Together with the Global Greengrants Fund, the GSRD Foundation has created a grant-making program active throughout China.

The project was created with an emphasis on helping grassroots organizations working to build social enterprise and provide vocational training at the nexus between enterprise and environmental sustainability.

Greengrants’ China Advisors assess organizations and their proposed project according to the Greengrant grant making strategies, and an analysis of the regional context. Greengrants selects grassroots organizations and supports those using small grants and giving entrepreneurial guidance. Greengrants believes that small grants play an important role in the development of civil society, and are a key way for local groups to help participate in and shape larger social and environmental movements.

The Global Greengrants Fund is an US-based fund working to mobilize resources for environmental sustainability and social justice around the world. Greengrants manages small grant support for locally led groups in developing countries who are tackling a variety of social and environmental challenges. Since 1993, Greengrants has awarded more than 6,600 grants in 141 countries, totaling over US $33 million. Read more about the Global Greengrants Fund.