Providing Entrepreneurship Training to Students

Partner: Bright China Foundation
Country: China
Start date: 01/03/2010
Project type: Entrepreneurship
Project reach: 34,075 direct beneficiaries

Together with the Bright China Foundation, the GSRD Foundation provides an entrepreneurship program open to university students, vocational students and/or powerless groups in China.

The program is set up for young people interested in starting their own business and in acquiring the necessary entrepreneurial skills. The objectives of this program are to foster knowledge of business practices, to acquire basic business ideas, and to become familiar with the tools and skills necessary for operating a micro-business or project. The Bright China Foundation hopes to cultivate confidence and set a positive outlook on life through active learning and practice, and to develop student’s potential and enhance their individual capacities, ultimately contributing to the wellness of the society.

The program will teach the students to use logical and rational thinking, to internalize their experiences and to develop and exercise their potential as entrepreneurs. The program makes use of volunteer teachers who are trained by the Bright China Foundation.

The Bright China Foundation is dedicated to promote entrepreneurship education to the underprivileged in China. Furthermore, they were founded with the mission to make the study and practice of Peter Drucker’s legacy available to China’s knowledge workers. Read more about the Bright China Foundation.