Strengthening Financial Education

Partner: Shanghai Better Education Development Center
Country: China
Start date: 01/08/2013
Project type: Capacity Building
Project reach: -

In China there is huge demand for financial education, but there remains a significant shortage of supply in terms of quality materials and education by schools, community centres and families. Since 2009, Shanghai Better Education Development Center (Be Better) has pioneered the implementation of financial education in schools and the training of teachers.

Currently, Be Better teaches financial education through three programs: Aflatoun (primary school), Aflateen (secondary school) and Agent Penny (primary schools in conjunction with Citi Bank). Demand continues to grow for financial education in China and despite bringing financial literacy to more than 100,000 children and youth in more than 10 cities in 2012 alone, Be Better is currently unable to meet the countries needs.

Be Better is at a turning point in their organizational development. Before they can further scale up their programs, they need to make internal changes and improve their capacity. Be Better has established a long-term vision to transform from a program-based organization to a national platform for social and financial education. As a platform they will share their experiences and professional skills with stakeholders to mobilize and inspire them so as to geometrically expand outreach and sustain the results of financial education.

In order to reach these goals, the GSRD Foundation will assist Be Better in improving their organizational capacity. Within the next two years, Be Better plans to establish a strong team and board, create a better organizational infrastructure, develop and research extra possibilities for their programs and enhance their training modules.

Shanghai Better Education Development Center (Be Better) is a pioneering organization in China focused on financial education for children and youth. It is an educational service provider to schools, universities, and district education bureaus, and provides educational consulting on teacher training, school management, student performance and curriculum development. Read more about Be Better.