The GSRD Project Hope Class

Partner: China Youth Development Foundation
Country: China
Start date: 01/01/2010
Project type: Education
Project reach: 60 direct beneficiaries

Together with The China Youth Development Foundation, the GSRD Foundation helped students from poor rural communities finish a vocational education program.

Students enrolled in the ‘GSRD Project Hope Class’ come from poor farmer or migrant worker families. By offering the students vocational education, the China Youth Development Foundation helps enroll students in education majors that give them the best chance to find employment such as tourism services, mechanics, logistics, and electronic technology.

The China Youth Development Foundation allowed students to study without paying tuition. Students received financial assistance from the GSRD Foundation and were able to pay the remaining part of the tuition fee after completion of the program. The students were also assisted in finding part-time work in order to earn additional income for their cost of living.

The China Youth Development Foundation is a non-governmental, not for profit organization founded in 1989 in Beijing. The foundation is committed to helping young people improve their abilities and to help improve youth development by providing aid services, give a voice to the interests of young people and by carrying out social advocacy. Read more about the China Youth Development Foundation.