Education and shelter for street children in Rainbow Homes

Partner: Net4Kids
Country: India
Start date: 01/04/2017
Project type: Vocational
Project reach: 10,000 direct beneficiaries

We provide integral help to street girls in India together with Net4kids and the Partnership Foundation by offering them education and shelter, with the aim to integrate them back into society. Net4kids and GSRD Foundation have been working together since 2008; this new collaboration started in 2017.

The Rainbow Home program in India provides street children) with permanent accommodation in existing school buildings. The girls get education, shelter, food, clothes, love and medical care until they are ready to take care of themselves. The girls are provided with a bridge course until they are able to enter the mainstream educational system. All elements of the program are adjusted to specific Indian circumstances in order to secure sustainable development and integration of the children into society. After completing the program the children will be able to lead a life independent of charity. Due to the program they developed an empowered personality and self-respect, which helps them in finding a job or start a small business of their own.

With help of the GSRD Foundation, we aim to start another 100 Rainbow Homes in the coming years and provide a safe home to 10,000 street girls.

Net4kids is a Dutch charity organization that provides sustainable aid to underprivileged children in order to offer them a better future. The organization helps children without choices, chances and opportunities with structural and concrete projects in the areas of housing, schooling and healthcare. Read more about Net4kids.