Education and shelter for street children in Rainbow Homes

Partner: Net4Kids
Country: India
Start date: 01/04/2017
Project type: Vocational
Project reach: 10,000 direct beneficiaries

We provide integral help to street girls in India, together with Net4kids and the Partnership Foundation, by offering them education and shelter, so they can be integrated back into society. Net4kids and the GSRD Foundation have been working together since 2008. This new phase of our work together has started in 2020, with the goal of raising funds for the Rainbow Home program in India.

The Rainbow Home program provides street girls with permanent accommodation in existing school buildings. They get an education, shelter, food, clothes, medical care, and a lot of loving support, until they are old enough to take care of themselves. They take a transitional course that is designed to help them make the leap into the mainstream educational system. All elements of the program are tailored to specific local circumstances. Once they have completed the program, the girls can lead their own independent lives without having to rely on handouts. They also develop a sense of empowerment and build up their self-respect—and that in turn can help them find dignified employment or start their own a business.

Net4kids is the children’s aid organization for companies. From the belief that children all over the world are the next generation, Net4kids offers opportunities for these children to develop. It does this by connecting companies in the Netherlands with structural and concrete initiatives in the areas of education, healthcare and housing. Net4kids combines a business approach with emotional involvement and transparently implements the CSR policy of companies that have this subject high on the agenda. Read more about Net4kids.