Empowerment of Dalit Young people by Skill Building and Perspective Development

Partner: Dalit Foundation
Country: India
Start date: 01/05/2015
Project type: Vocational training
Project reach: 2,000 direct beneficiaries

By working in cooperation with the Dalit Foundation, the GSRD Foundation supports the empowerment of Dalit young people by building skills and widening the perspectives of young people in India.

The goal of the program is to empower the young people of Dalit, helping them to acquire better livelihood skills and address grass-root level issues. The objectives of the program are to provide training which will build skills, widen perspectives and develop leadership qualities in young people.

During its projects the Dalit Foundation strives to enhance the skills and potential of 2000 young people so that the community can avail itself of all the privileges and rights provided by the government; it also creates platforms for marginalised women to set up businesses.
These are all-round training programmes which improve young people’s understanding of legal aid, advocacy, gender sensitivity and the skills that are necessary to make a livelihood.

The Dalit Foundation is a non-government organisation, established in 2003 and the first grant-making institution in South Asia working for the empowerment of Dalit communities. The foundation supports individuals, community-based organisations, and networks which work to secure social change and protect the rights of the Dalit people.
The mission of the Dalit Foundation is to be a partner in the struggle to eliminate caste discrimination and ensure equality and equal rights for all. The Dalit Foundation provides small grants and fellowships for training that will strengthen the Dalit Movement and nurture future leaders. They strive for a society in South Asia where Dalit communities, especially women, live with dignity, have equal opportunity and social and economic justice. Read more about the Dalit Foundation.