Helping Support Street Children

Partner: Partnership Foundation
Country: India
Start date: 01/04/2012
Project type: Education, Monitoring & Evaluation
Project reach: 400 direct beneficiaries

Since 2009, the GSRD Foundation has supported Rainbow Homes in providing integral help to street children in India by offering them shelter, food, clothing, education, medical care and guidance. The Rainbow Homes organisation aspires to reach 10,000 street children, with 100 Rainbow Homes in 15 major Indian cities. Growing the number of Rainbow Homes while maintaining a strong structure is one of the major challenges to the organisation.

Together with the Partnership Foundation, the GSRD Foundation provides training to the local Rainbow Home teams to accomplish the following:

  • Building the right culture to grow as an organisation and maintain the unique working model of the Rainbow Homes.
  • Identifying and improving organisational systems, processes, procedures and policies.
  • Developing leadership skills among the team leaders.
  • Working on team development.
  • Strategic consulting on strengthening the organisation.
  • Developing a partnership network.
  • Training managers in human resource management.

The Partnership Foundation is a Dutch foundation that aims to improve the living conditions and future possibilities of street children in India. They reach out to children through the Rainbow Homes organisation. Read more about the Partnership Foundation.