Increasing employability and employment options in Nizamuddin Basti

Partner: Aga Khan Foundation
Country: India
Start date: 15/07/2018
Project type: Vocational
Project reach: 498 direct beneficiaries

Since 2013 the GSRD Foundation has been working together with the Aga Khan Foundation to support increasing employability and employment options, through a vocational training programme in Nizamuddin Basti, India.
In 2018, we started a new joint project to train another 489 people in the Career Development Centre. This programme aims to equip young people and women with the tools they need to earn their livelihoods by learning a profession that matches their abilities and market needs.

The Aga Khan Foundation offers employment related training to young women and men in the Basti and similar surrounding areas. The training helps them to determine which professions they are best suited for and to understand the career options available to them. On completion of the training, the trainees are prepared for interviews after which arrangements for employment placements are made.

The Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) is a private, not-for-profit, non-denominational, international development agency established in 1967 by Aga Khan. Its mission is to develop and promote creative solutions to problems that impede social development, primarily in South and Central Asia and East Africa. It concentrates on issues of health, education, rural development, the environment and the strengthening of civil society. Read more about the Aga Khan Foundation.