Empowering Women through Education and Entrepreneurship

Partner: Hand in Hand India
Country: India
Start date: 01/03/2009
Project type: Vocational & life-skills training
Project reach: 16,749 direct beneficiaries

Each year, Hand in Hand India, together with the GSRD Foundation, provides vocational, literacy and numeracy training to thousands of women living in India. The objective of the partnership is to empower rural women through training, capacity-building and the development of skills.

Hand in Hand India offers women literacy and numeracy training through self-help groups (SHGs). In recent years, it has been taking a more holistic approach to supporting the members of SHGs. It now complements the literacy, numeracy and vocational training it offers with training in management, financial management and business development.
During the last phases of the project, participants have been able to build up their capacities. However, while the women have been able to improve their literacy and grow their businesses, they still need support in such areas as financial literacy, building their businesses, and access to government financial-inclusion schemes.

This next project will support these same women with training in developing their businesses further and will offer advanced functional literacy so they can increase their impact both at home and in the broader community. Further, the project will reach out to new members for training in entrepreneurship, literacy and skill development.

Hand in Hand is a public charitable trust founded in 2002 in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Hand in Hand’s vision is a world free of extreme poverty and child labor. Hand in Hand’s aim is to eliminate poverty through an integrated community development program. Read more about Hand in Hand India.