Providing Energy Efficiency in the Textile Industry

Partner: TIDE
Country: India
Start date: 26/05/2008
Project type: Entrepreneurship
Project reach: 20 direct beneficiaries

Together with TIDE, the GSRD Foundation promoted energy efficiency in the textile industry located in Tamil Nadu, India using a small-scale pilot project.

The project created an infrastructure and distribution model to stimulate the adoption of energy efficient equipment by the textile sector in the Tamil Nadu area. The use of this equipment reduced deforestation and positively battled climate change on a small scale. The project’s goal was to reduce firewood consumption by 30% through the introduction of energy efficient equipment including fuel efficient water heaters of different capacities, as well as yarn and fabric bleaching and dyeing stoves. These stoves paid for themselves through fuel savings within a 4-6 month timespan.

TIDE (Technology Informatics Design Endeavour) is an Indian NGO that addresses developmental concerns of communities in need using technological interventions. TIDE is an organization with a strong focus on technology and employs technical teams (engineers, scientist, social scientist, etc.) in each of its areas of work. Read more about TIDE.