Reviving Traditional Textiles and Crafts Businesses

Partner: The Nabha Foundation
Country: India
Start date: 01/04/2009
Project type: Vocational Training
Project reach: 350 direct beneficiaries

Together with the Nabha Foundation, the GSRD Foundation provided vocational training to women and enabled them to earn a sustainable and steady income through the production of traditional crafts.

The GSRD and Nabha Foundation provided vocational training to (young) women in the Nabha Block in India. We endeavoured to create sustainable and steady income generation through the production of Phulkari embroidered products made with traditional tools, textiles and materials. This partnership established an independent business association of women from the Nabha Block that will secure long-term production and commercialization of products. With this project, the GSRD and the Nabha Foundation helped revive the art of Phulkari embroidery.

The Nabha Foundation aims to make a substantial impact in three fields: reducing poverty, empowering marginalized people with a special emphasis on women and children and protecting the natural environment through strategic philanthropy. Read more about the Nabha Foundation.

Source photographs: Maria Angelica Vargas