Support for the Rainbow Homes Project

Partner: Partnership Foundation
Country: India
Start date: 01/04/2014
Project type: Education
Project reach: 24,445 direct beneficiaries

Since 2009, the GSRD Foundation has been supporting Rainbow Homes, a programme that helps to improve the living conditions of Indian street girls and to secure a brighter future for them. By the end of 2018, the project accommodates 2902 girls in 32 Rainbow Homes in 9 cities.

In 2016, the GSRD Foundation and the Partnership Foundation (PF) strengthened the structural partnership supporting the Rainbow Homes project by introducing rolling-commitment funding, whereby the GSRD Foundation decides each year how to support the organisation over the coming three years. The goal is to scale up the Rainbow Home model in a sustainable way, and to maximise its social impact, in part through the efforts of the project’s local partner, the Rainbow Foundation India (RFI), but also through the adoption of the Rainbow Homes model by other organisations.

To achieve this goal, the PF has developed a long-term strategy (2015 – 2025) to support RFI in getting ready to scale up the Rainbow Homes model in a sustainable way, and maximising its social impact. In the coming years, the PF will support the RFI in strengthening the organisation so it can work more and more independently of PF.

Partnership Foundation
The Partnership Foundation is a Dutch foundation that aims to improve the living conditions and future possibilities of street children in India. They reach out to children through the Rainbow Homes programme. Read more about the Partnership Foundation.