Training in Greenhouse Horticulture

Partner: TIDE
Country: India
Start date: 01/04/2008
Project type: Entrepreneurship
Project reach: 20 direct beneficiaries

Together with TIDE, the GSRD Foundation encouraged women in rural areas of the Karnataka state in India to set up a greenhouse business. This project generated food and an income for participants who could not previously sustain a living.

During the project, two large greenhouses were installed. Women were trained in the greenhouse by professionals from the University of Bangalore on the benefits of greenhouse horticulture and the methodologies to be used. Greenhouses were used to grow and afterwards sell vegetables to provide an income. The project also aimed to spread awareness about the benefits of greenhouses throughout the rest of the country. The two greenhouses will be used as a demonstration facility for training other women in green house horticulture.

TIDE (Technology Informatics Design Endeavour) is an Indian NGO that addresses developmental concerns of communities in need using technological interventions. TIDE is an organization with a strong focus on technology and employs technical teams (engineers, scientist, social scientist, etc.) in each of its areas of work. Read more about TIDE.