Vocational Training for Girls

Partner: Vadain Sampark
Country: India
Start date: 16/12/2008
Project type: Vocational Training
Project reach: 65 direct beneficiaries

Jointly with Vadain Sampark, the GSRD Foundation offered vocational training to poor children in the slums of Delhi and the rural area of Utta Pradesh. In Utta Pradesh, a new school was built that offers free education to girls as part of the program “Girls to School”.

In Delhi, two vocational training programs are offered: sewing and computer training. The sewing program attracts over 30 students a month, and the computer training classes, where students learn basic computer skills, attracts over 35 students a month. The ability to work with several computer programs enables students to fulfil basic computer jobs in the area, and the majority of successful students go on to work at a nearly-located call centre.

Vadain Sampark is a non-governmental organization that wants to offer children in India a better future by providing training in the slums of Delhi, establishing a school in the rural countryside and by helping poor families. Read more about Vadain Sampark.