Education for Peruvian Street Children

Partner: Edukans
Country: Peru
Start date: 01/07/2010
Project type: Entrepreneurship
Project reach: 300 direct beneficiaries

With the help of the GSRD Foundation, Edukans provides primary education, skills training, and vocational training to the 300 ‘working’ children of the Manthoc school in Cajamarca and 20 regular schools in Lima and Cajamarca.

The Manthoc project focuses on bringing skills training into the basic education system. The first phase of the project as focused on strengthening the Manthoc school via a pilot program in which an educational curriculum was tested. After a successful completion of the pilot project, 20 other regular schools in Lima and Cajamarca were approached to implement the educational program in order to provide ‘working’ children a better education. The target participants in this project are street children and children that migrated from the rural areas to the cities and run the risk of ending up as children living on the street.

Edukans is a Dutch development organization that supports educational initiatives in the developing world with an emphasis on vocational training. Edukans sees education as the most important vehicle for social mobility. Read more about Edukans.