Entrepreneurship Skills for Young People

Partner: Edukans
Country: Peru
Start date: 01/07/2011
Project type: Entrepreneurship
Project reach: 3300 direct beneficiaries

Together with Edukans, the GSRD Foundation provides entrepreneurship skills to 3000 poor young people in Peru. The specific goal of this project is to strengthen the entrepreneurial capacity of Peruvian youth by setting up cooperatives at school in the field of tailoring, metalworking and dairy production.

Hands-on educational work develops the entrepreneurial skills of participating youths and improves the standard of living within the community. The goal of the project is to develop a training program for teachers in secondary education with the goal of training 300 teachers as well as the creation of projects for young people focused on cooperatives, to modify the regional curriculum and to create an operational entrepreneurship school.

Edukans is a Dutch development organization that supports educational initiatives in the developing world with an emphasis on vocational training. Edukans considers education the most important vehicle for social mobility. Read more about Edukans.