Giving Young Adults a New Future in the Grape Sector

Partner: SNV
Country: Peru
Start date: 17/12/2010
Project type: Vocational Training
Project reach: 300 direct beneficiaries

Together with SNV, the GSRD Foundation is providing vocational education to create jobs for youth in the grape industry of Peru.

The project’s vocational education program is focused on educating young adults while simultaneously targeting specific labor demands in the grape sector of Peru. Local businesses will participate in the program in order to guarantee the quality and relevance of the program, focusing on the current needs in the grape industry and how to tackle them.

The program aims to eventually improve the income and employment of at least 300 low-income young adults in the district of Sullana in the Piura region, by developing labor and entrepreneurial skills and giving these talented youth the opportunity to become part of the supply base of grape production, and integrate them into processing companies. The project also aims to increase the competitiveness in the sector to create a healthy economy.

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