Learning to become a tour guide in Peru

Partner: Mama Alice
Country: Peru
Start date: 01/01/2015
Project type: Vocational Training
Project reach: 50 direct beneficiaries

Mama Alice and the GSRD Foundation are working together to support vocational training programs which enable disadvantaged young people in Ayacucho Peru to become tour guides.

English-speaking young people with tour guide training can find work in tourism all over Peru. The objective of the program is, therefore, to set up a tour guide vocational training program.

The program provides weekly informative workshops on business and work culture, health and safety and the type of groups the tour guide accompanies. There are also self-development workshops available.
All students follow a course comprising 20 hours a week of theoretical and practical lessons and 20 hours of English lessons. The students and their families are supported by a social worker. Practice tours are arranged and group discussions are held to discuss motivation and the importance of training.

Mama Alice is a Dutch humanitarian aid organization with no connection to religion, politics or philosophy. They believe that every street child is entitled to maternal care and aid. Mama Alice’s core values are passion, warmth and security and its work is mainly located in Peru. The organization’s work is based on three pillars: to stimulate education, welfare and health and to provide vocational training in order to help street children. You can read more about Mama Alice.