Promoting Entrepreneurship Among Rural Youth

Partner: Tadepa
Country: Peru
Start date: 16/12/2008
Project type: Entrepreneurship
Project reach: 1020 direct beneficiaries

Together with Tadepa, the GSRD Foundation empowers young rural producers in the Andes of Peru to develop and strengthen profitable farming.

The project aims to generate beneficial agro-ecological conditions and business opportunities for young people working in the fruit and horticulture sector. This objective is accomplished through training, skills development and information provision on issues such as enhancing production and productivity, market access and improving organizational management. The authorities, employers’ organizations and the community locally support the project.

The economy will get a push through the installation of 30 hectares of fruit such as orange, lucuma, avocado and pacay, and the cultivation of vegetables such as alfalfares and tare. The project uses the dry climate, water quality, low incidence of pests and soil suitability to its advantage by exploiting fruit trees to create a sustainable project for rural youth.

Tadepa is an organization that contributes to human development in the Ayacucho population in Peru by improving food security, increasing income, providing access to health and education and strengthening organizations. Read more about Tadepa.