Vocational Training in Metalworking

Partner: Mama Alice
Country: Peru
Start date: 01/03/2011
Project type: Vocational Training
Project reach: 130 direct beneficiaries

Together with Mama Alice, the GSRD Foundation is providing vocational training in metalworking to youths in Ayacucho, Peru. The project educates school dropouts and young people who are behind in their education. The goal of this project is to provide these young people with labor market opportunities.

The training consists of four modules during which these youths are trained on the job. The students get a monthly compensation for their work that is divided in three components: one third goes directly to the student, one third goes into a savings account managed by Mama Alice and one third goes to the parents to keep their child motivated. Parents are involved in the project to improve the relationship between the child and their parents.

Mama Alice is a Dutch humanitarian aid organization with no connection to religion, politics or philosophy. They believe that every street child is entitled to maternal care and aid. Mama Alice’s core values are passion, warmth and security and its work is mainly located in Peru. The organization’s work is based on three pillars: to stimulate education, welfare and health and to provide vocational training in order to help street children. You can read more about Mama Alice.