Providing Vocational Training to Orphans

Partner: Stiching Weeshuis Sri Lanka
Country: Sri Lanka
Start date: 22/07/2009
Project type: Education
Project reach: 575 beneficiairies

The founder of the orphanage, named Somawathi, wanted to create a loving environment for children to grow up and develop themselves in. The children are equipped with the most basic necessities in life such as shelter, food and clothes.

The GSRD Foundation provided these children with a vocational training program. Within this vocational training program children are taught carpentry, sewing, pottery, electronics and textile processing. These trainings provided the children with skills to progress in life. In addition, we supported 500 children with an after school curriculum.

Weeshuis Sri Lanka, also called to the Somawathi home is founded by Marja van Leeuwen in order to help the victims of the tsunami with housing, food, clothing and education. Read more about Weeshuis Sri Lanka.