Vocational training for tsunami victims

Partner: Lideke Wery Foundation
Country: Sri Lanka
Start date: 24/12/2008
Project type: Education
Project reach: -

The Lideke Wery Foundation was founded as an educational institute after the tsunami of 2004 to support flood victims with vocational training.

The Lideke Wery Educational Institute was started under the name of Kosgoda Educational Institute and was located in the Buddhist temple area in Kosgoda, Sri Lanka. The first group of students began their training in April 2006 and many students have followed.

The educational institute offered students English and ICT training. English training was based on four different levels of fluency and ended with an official English exam.

There were three ICT courses: a Sri Lanka Computer Driving License course taken over a duration of three months and an application assistant training and graphic design course that both took six months to complete. Trips to job agencies were organized to increase the chance of obtaining a job after completion of the vocational training.

The Lideke Wery Educational Institute was founded to keep the memory of Lideke Wery alive. Lideke Wery worked for Ebbinge & Company in the Netherlands as a personal development consultant for professionals. The Lideke Wery Educational Institute aims to provide top quality education for Sri Lankan youth using modern teaching methods and resources. With a qualified and continuously developing staff, the Lideka Wery Educational Institute encourages strong support between committees and students and works towards mutual respect between the local community and the school. Read more about The Lideke Wery Foundation.