A Better Income for Farmers and Safe Food for Consumers through a Cooperative Model for Better Urban Agricultural Production

Partner: The Asia Foundation
Country: Vietnam
Start date: 01/08/2019
Project type: Entrepreneurship
Project reach: 100 direct beneficiaries

Since July 2014, the Asia Foundation and the GSRD Foundation have provided support to 271 farmers who are affected by the loss of their farmland to urban use to improve their livelihoods and living standards through various interventions, including capacity-building in sustainable and green agriculture production, business management, and marketing, as well as raising public awareness about the importance of ensuring that produce is free from pesticides and other toxic chemicals and is thus safe to consume.

The experience that we have gained over the past years, and the results we have achieved, serve as a basis for the further pursuit of our long-term goal of expanding economic opportunities for low-income farmers in Hanoi. That will, in turn, allow these farmers to contribute to a sustainable supply chain involving the production, processing, marketing, and branding of fruits and vegetables that are safe to consume.
To achieve this goal, the project will focus on developing a scalable community-based business model to reach a broader market than is now possible. The Asia Foundation and its local partners will also continue to engage in policy advocacy with Long Bien District and the Hanoi City government to promote the integration of sustainable urban agriculture into urban-planning policies.

In total, 100 farmers will receive support in defining their business models, refining their business plans, and improving their capacity for management and coordination among farmers. The aim is to increase sales by 15% over the life of the project, and to increase by 20%, over the same period, the incomes of farmers who start using the community-based business model.

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