Boost income and jobs for women

Partner: MCNV
Country: Vietnam
Start date: 01/04/2022
Project type: 3 years
Project reach: 650 women and 500 children

BIJPO (Boosting income and jobs for poor ethnic women in Dong Xuan district) aims to tackle the new challenges confronting people of ethnic minorities living in remote mountainous areas brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change. We are supporting the project to help benefit about 650 women and 500 children of poor and nearly poor households in 15 villages of 6 communes in Dong Xuan district.

As part of the project, 15 new women-led cooperatives will be formally established and receive support in terms of making joint business plan and building joint assets/facilities for its production and business. Operation of the groups will create alternative jobs and income for the poor women in village who are willing to join and commit the common production plans of the groups. Potential business includes debarking machines of acacia wood; producing dry mushroom products; weaving products, etc. The project will also facilitate agricultural production training courses; coaching; seedlings, breeding for improving current crops or implementing alternative cash and non-cash crops.

Founded in 1968, MCNV is an international organisation working on issues related to health, nutrition, sustainable production and education for children, including those living with disabilities. It has offices in Vietnam, Laos, and the Netherlands. It strives to improve, in a sustainable way, the situation of disadvantaged groups in society. Read more about MCNV.