Empowering small scale farmers, women and youth through sustainable SME development

Partner: Oxfam Novib
Country: Vietnam
Start date: 01/08/2015
Project type: Entrepreneurship
Project reach: 6,030 direct beneficiaries

The GSRD Foundation works with Oxfam Novib to support the empowerment of small scale farmers, women and young people through sustainable Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) development in Vietnam.

The objective of the program is for small-scale farmers, women and young people to gain better access to employment, see their incomes increase, and have more access to relevant products and services.
The program aims to increase the financial sustainability and social impact of SMEs. Secondly, the program aims to influence the social and political environment to ensure a more enabling environment for future sustainable SME growth (particularly of social enterprises).
The program beneficiaries are the entrepreneurs (and management staff) of the various SMEs which participate in the program. The project aims to specifically target young and/or female entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the suppliers/farmers and employees of the SMEs and members of the households of the direct beneficiaries are also impacted because of the opportunities they have to increase their income, created by the existence and survival of the SMEs targeted.

Oxfam Novib is part of Oxfam International, an international confederation of seventeen independent non-profit organisations established in 1995. Oxfam’s vision is one of a just world without poverty: a world in which people can influence decisions that affect their lives, enjoy their rights, and assume their responsibilities as full citizens of a world in which all human beings are valued and treated equally. Oxfam works in 94 countries through local partners and stakeholders and aims to be a worldwide ‘influencing’ network to address structural causes of poverty globally.
Oxfam Novib targets governments and the private sector and builds close alliances with the civil society actors which share its values and aims. The organisation focuses on the right of men and women to a sustainable livelihood, basic social services, life and security, the right to be heard and the right to an identity. Read more about Oxfam Novib.