Entrepreneurship Program – SheDisrupts Vietnam

Partner: Creatella Impact
Country: Vietnam
Start date: 15/10/2021
Project type: Entrepreneurship
Project reach: 30 entrepreneurs

Creatella Impact is committed to contributing to the empowerment of women in Vietnam and their active participation in the economy. The GSRD Foundation supported their pilot project to help women entrepreneurs in Vietnam – SheDisrupts Vietnam.

For the pilot, Creatella Impact set up an Incubator Program for women entrepreneurs in Vietnam. As an entrepreneur, you can apply for free training to grow your business. This can be in various fields. For example the trainers can help the entrepreneurs expand their business online by helping them to set up an e-shop or help them connect with financial institutions to receive a loan to grow their business. If the pilot is a success, the program will be repeated on a frequent basis and will be rolled out in multiple countries.


Our new partner Creatella Impact believes in the power of entrepreneurship. They consider entrepreneurship one of the main pathways to achieve gender equality and women’s economic empowerment, family well-being, poverty reduction and sustainable economic growth.

“We aspire to Create Impact and bridge the SDG gap by supporting start up businesses and social entrepreneurs in emerging markets to build sustainable businesses addressing social and environmental challenges.”

Read more about Creatella Impact.

Photo Credit: Creatella Impact