Every child learns in Vietnam

Partner: UNICEF
Country: Vietnam
Start date: 03/02/2022
Project type: Education
Project reach: 3612 teachers

In Vietnam, schools remained closed for months due to the pandemic and many children fell behind in their learnings. Schools are now open again or offer digital education but unfortunately, only 17 percent of children in remote areas have internet access. In this project, UNICEF, together with The Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam, is committed to closing this digital divide, so that digital education is also accessible for these children.

The GSRD Foundation supports UNICEF with two components: training teachers on how to provide digital education and raising awareness about the importance of digital education among parents and students. With the awareness raising campaigns we aim to reach 26.200.000 children and adults. The GSRD Foundation supports digital teacher training in order to equip teachers with fresh knowledge and skills regarding teaching from a distance and online classroom management.

With the public awareness campaigns, we hope to reach both children and adults. The GSRD Foundation supports the development and distribution of communication materials about the importance of education, protection, psychosocial support and nutrition.


UNICEF provides humanitarian and development aid to children worldwide. With a mandate from the United Nations, UNICEF advocates for adherence to the Convention on the Rights of the Child and actively supports children and their families to fulfil their potential in over 190 countries, promoting children lives without violence, exploitation and exclusion in a safe and clean environment.

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