Rainbow Homes in Pune give 1750 street children a home and education

September 15, 2018

In March 2018, Rainbow Foundation India, Bajaj Allianz and Pune municipality launched their collaboration. Together they will start 16 new Rainbow Homes, adding to 20 Rainbow Homes in Pune. The aim of this partnership is to give all street children in Pune both a home and an education.

GRSD Foundation, since 2009 a supporter of the Rainbow Homes and the development of Rainbow Foundation India, is proud of this scale up of the program.

The Rainbow Homes programme in India provides street children with permanent accommodation in existing school buildings. The girls get education, shelter, food, clothes, love and medical care until they are ready to take care of themselves. The girls are provided with a bridge course until they are able to enter the mainstream educational system. All elements of the program have been adjusted to specific Indian circumstances in order to secure sustainable development and integration of the children into society.

Once the children are grown-up, they will have developed an empowered personality and self-respect, which helps them in finding a job or start a small business of their own.