Completed our final activities in Peru

May 1, 2019

Since its inception, the GSRD Foundation has invested in the economic development of vulnerable people, schoolchildren, adolescents, young adults and famers in Peru. Together with our six partners we implemented 15 projects in the country, reaching over 5,600 vulnerable and young people. After G-Star RAW’s production in Peru ended years ago we continued the collaboration with our partners until they could continue without our support. Many years later, we have now completed our final activities.

During the past years, we supported a variety of projects; from teaching farmers sustainable methods to grow grapes, promoting entrepreneurship at schools, to supporting HIV and tuberculosis patients in earning a living after their illness and other projects that all stem from our central belief in the power of education and entrepreneurship.

One of our long-term partners in the country was Mama Alice, with whom we provided vocational training to underprivileged youth. We were able to make a difference for people such as the 16 years old Lisbeth Jimena who was trained in metalworking by our partner Mama Alice. Her teachers at high school did not support her and classmates made fun of her, saying that metalworking is for boys. Despite these difficulties, she persisted and has now successfully completed the course.

Lisbeth Jimena says: “The first real product that I created was a plant-holder. I could not believe that I made this. It was my own design and I was really proud!”