Field visit GSRD foundation Bangladesh & India

November 18, 2018

In November, the Board of the GSRD Foundation visited several partners and projects in Bangladesh and India.

The purpose of the visits was to meet the local Management Teams, learn about the context they work in, evaluate the progress of the projects and see the projects come to life at project sites. The board met with strategic partner Friendship. Since 2011, GSRD supports both the Friendship programs and the development of the organization.

Aiming to sustain and replicate an integrated development model that is geared to empower communities in Bangladesh, Friendship believes that holistic development, systematic needs-based interventions, effected over an extended period in a community, help to ensure the long-term sustainability of these communities.

Friendship is a value-based organization founded in Bangladesh in 2002 that works together with vulnerable people in remote communities in Bangladesh to help them transform their lives. They run primary and secondary healthcare programs as well as education, income generation, climate change relief and rehabilitation programs, provide skills, training and job opportunities and help citizens understand their rights and obligations and access public services.

The GSRD Foundation has already committed to continue the support Friendship for the next 3 years in which we will focus on Friendships’ education and training programs.

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