Project update Terre des Hommes vocational training program in Vietnam

September 20, 2022

The GSRD Foundation supports a vocational training program and job placement program for youth in difficult circumstances – in partnership with Terre des Hommes and THASHO in Vietnam. Students will be trained in different trades such as; tailoring, electronics, mechanical welding,  fine arts, hospitality services in restaurants, terrarium and rice paining.

Goal: Vulnerable youngsters are leading dignified lives with improved livelihood opportunities. The specific objective is to provide vocational training and creation of permanent jobs as per market demand to 188 youths (at least 50% are girls) who are in difficult circumstances in the Thanh Hoa province.

Project plan
Outcome 1: Vulnerable youngsters acquired adequate skills to obtain gainful employment in Thanh Hoa province

  • Selection of vulnerable youngsters by the Provincial Project Management Board
  • Provide 10 vocational training courses to 188 youngsters

Outcome 2: Graduated youngsters´ income and employment secured

  • Organize meetings with the employment agency
  • Introduce trainees to the factories and enterprises registered within the employment agency
  • Guide trainees to sign qualitative labour contract ensuring the workers’ rights are protected as defined in the labour laws and regulations
  • Follow-up trainees in their job workplaces

Progress after 2 years:

We are delighted to share that the project showed good results over the past two years; despite the coronavirus pandemic. During the second year of the project, 100 young people in difficult circumstances have accessed vocational training: 53 females and 47 males, of whom there are 26 youths with disabilities and 10 orphans. All of them completed the training and obtained employment with stable income.

In the last phase of the project, Terre des Hommes and THASHO will concentrate on monitoring the trainees at work. This ensures that all trainees have stable jobs with a secure income and that the employers/enterprises who have hired the trainees guarantee a working environment complying with the Labor Code occupational and hygienic safety standards.

Terre des Hommes started as a relief organization for children. Later their focus shifted to combating child exploitation. Terre des Hommes supports projects worldwide in the fields of protection, prevention and empowerment. Read more about Terre des Hommes.