REACH in conversation with its beneficiaries

May 19, 2020

Our partner REACH in Vietnam explains our partnership:
At REACH, as a non-profit organization, people often ask us where our funding comes from. We tell them “Various sources, but mainly from international foundations and individuals”.
This answer confuses them.
“Why would people give their money to strangers in a country out of nowhere?” they ask.

In a developing country like Vietnam, where many people are struggling to feed their families and working conditions are unstable, these are not strange questions to ask.

As human beings, most of us like to share and enjoy our lives better when we do. Once we are able to support ourselves, we can start to support our families, friends, and colleagues, and then we can start to think about supporting people in other countries.

For many business organizations, profit is not the only motivation. Sustainable development all over the world also features prominently.

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