Transfer to Wilde Ganzen

July 11, 2024

Since July 2023 Wilde Ganzen Foundation was already responsible for the day-to-day work of the GSRD  Foundation by running the secretariat and supporting the Board. We knew that our values are the same and that we both stand for a sustainable approach in a partnership where transparency and equality are paramount. So, after more than 15 years of activities in the international philanthropic arena, the GSRD Foundation decided to enter a next phase by transferring its complete portfolio and assets to Wilde Ganzen. Wilde Ganzen has the knowledge and expertise to continue and further increase the social impact of the GSRD Foundation.

Blue Ambition Fund at Wilde Ganzen

In 2023 and 2024, our portfolio and assets of the GSRD Foundation will be gradually transferred to a named fund at Wilde Ganzen, the Blue Ambition Fund. As a consequence, the GSRD Foundation will cease to exist in 2025.

Wilde Ganzen has 65 years of experience, knowledge and expertise, making it a reliable organization to continue our work.  It will manage the fund in accordance with the GSRD Foundation’s objectives. We are convinced Wilde Ganzen will make a positive impact together with our partners through education and entrepreneurship projects to achieve economic independence and social development. For Wilde Ganzen, this fund is also an enrichment of its network and an impetus to also promote self-reliance through socio-economic projects and programmes.


Our Gratitude

The board of the GSRD Foundation would like to thank all partners we worked with over the years for positively impacting people and communities in the countries where G-Star products are made. We are very proud and happy that together with our partners we have been able to support so many people to achieve economic independence and social development.

We trust that in future, Wilde Ganzen via the Blue ambition fund will continue to drive real and in strong cooperation with organizations that focus on youth development through training, education and coaching.

The board of the GSRD Foundation